Murals, Collaborations, & Installations

Working on a large scale positively affects an interaction with a location and a brand.

I approach this work "eyes-wide-open" - looking to understand the vibe of a space, how people move through it, what they experience there; and combine that with brand goals and my personal aesthetic intentions.

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  • Partnership Center

    This is an interactive installation at Meta's Global Partnership Center in Menlo Park, CA. It celebrates Meta's physical prototyping capabilities with interactive digital and physical elements, created in collaboration with Area 404 Engineers. Along w/ the physical design, I created the interactive story content and application that tells the story of Area 404's capabilities and impact.

  • Lenticular Wall

    Building on the color pallet and design of a mural I did in a hallway just outside this lab, I chose to evolve that design into physical elements inside this prototyping lab, relfecting the transition of ideas to physical objects. The appearance of the wall is dynamic based on the viewer's perspective.

  • Lab / Lounge

    Engineers work hard. To bring some inspiration and relaxation to their work space I combined elements from a mural I did just outside this space with their request for a place others would want to gather to relax. It includes a custom wood-pattern wall, custom beer-inspired posters and neon sign, and small mural reflecting the history of the lab.

Lululemon Mural and Workshop

Video & Print

"Red Horizon" (6x6 feet) was featured in a Victoria’s Secret ad campaign composed and shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. 

It was also featured in a Barclays Bank television ad which aired in the United Kingdom.

Red Horizon is currently in a private collection in Los Angeles, CA.

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